Free water saving sprinkler nozzles for Oxnard water customers
Jan 19, 2012
Free water saving sprinkler nozzles for Oxnard water customers

The Water Resources Division is offering free water saving sprinkler nozzles to residents and businesses. This program is designed to help residents and businesses reduce the amount of water used on their landscape and save money on their water bills. Oxnard water customers can visit: www.FreeSprinklerNozzles.com and watch the short video tutorial and receive a voucher for free Toro Precision™ Spray nozzles. The voucher is redeemable at local irrigation supply stores. The Precision Spray nozzles can reduce irrigation water use by up to 30%.

Research completed for the City’s Water Conservation Master Plan indicates that outdoor water use accounts for 44% of the City’s total water use. Landscape irrigation systems are notoriously inefficient. Nearly half of the total water used on landscapes does not reach its intended purpose. This is caused by overspray on to hard surfaces and runoff caused by sprinklers that apply water at a rate faster than the soil can absorb it. Toro Precision™ Spray nozzles have been designed to reduce these common types of water waste by applying water at a slower rate allowing the soil time to absorb the water and by reducing misting that results in overspray.

The nozzles are easy to install and are compatible with most existing irrigation systems. After watching the tutorial, participants should understand how to choose the right nozzles for their irrigation system and install them properly to reduce the amount of water they use on their landscapes.

Simply log on to www.FreeSprinklerNozzles.com residential water customers can receive up to 25 Precision™ Nozzles and commercial water customers can receive up to 100 nozzles, while supplies last.

If you or anyone you know does not have access to a computer, please call (805) 385-8339.

For more information on the City’s water conservation programs visit www.Oxnardwater.org.


Diego Zabala
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